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Shopping malls want customers to promote them.
However, not all customers are active in promoting their shopping mall.

Some customers actively recommend their shopping malls to others.
However, there is no compensations for referrals.

Seoul Technology International Corp. though
First, if we can identify that customers’ referrals lead to qualifying purchases.
Second, if those customers are compensated with a certain amount of advertising fee accordingly
Then, the platform will make both shopping malls and consumers happy.

That is the background of developing the Shoppingmall Agent Platform Service to allow relevant people to identify qualifying purchases in real time along with automatic management for both shopping malls and customers.

Service Introduction

Shopping malls are advised to apply to be a shoppingmall partner of Showapple Service.

Start effective viral marketing through the shoppingmall agents of Showapple Service

Shopping mall customers are advised to apply to be a shoppingmall agent of Showapple Service.

The shoppingmall agent obtains the URL of your own shopping mall you want to provide marketing services for and invite new customers to the URL.

Social media power users are advised to apply to be an Edu Partner to Shoppingmall Agents of the Showapple Service.

The Edu Partner transfers their own social media knowledge and skills to the shoppingmall agents in your group and get paid based on qualifying purchases made by them in your group.

Consumers have direct transactions with domestic self-owned malls/independent malls
Shoppingmall agents introduce products to general consumers as a curator/influencer

How to use

1. Recruit shoppingmall agents

Agent Applicants should fill out a shoppingmall agent application and submit it to Seoul Technology International Corp. with the shopping malls they want to provide marketing activities for.

2. Creating a shopping mall agent link

We create unique URLs for each shopping mall and each language and distribute them to individual shoppingmall agents.

3. Education and Activities

Shoppingmall agents obtain education and training on social media marketing collaboration skill from Edu partners.
Shoppingmall agents engage in promotions and marketing activities using the unique URL on their social media and websites.

4. Purchases

Purchases are made via the URL of the individual shoppingmall agent.

5. Real-time Performance Monitoring

Shoppingmall agents inquire about the settled calculation result on the shoppingmall agent platform of Showapple Service based on the advertising fee rates predetermined by the shopping mall.
Shoppingmall agents can monitor the real-time advertising fee payment status at www.wowinkorea.com

6. Advertising Fee Payment

Advertising Fees settled on a monthly basis are paid to the shoppingmall agents

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